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About Us

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DPRC is one of the largest private limited company in Bangladesh. DPRC spread its branches in following parameters like

1. To carry on the business of construct, purchase, run, maintain, establish, hire or take on lessee & lessor otherwise deal with and operate hospitals, Pain Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center, nursing homes, therapy center, medical service center, maternity homes, clinics, operation theaters, dental clinics, drug shop and provide indoor and outdoor treatment, rehabilitation and support services focusing on physical, emotional, psychological and provide all permissible health
Treatment and related facilities of the different diseases to the patients.

2. To establish and operate medical research centers in order to promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases. To establish and operate diagnosis centers, blood banks and laboratories in order to provide medical consultancy, radiological and pathological medical support, arrange, design, establish, conduct and maintain comprehensive individual and family health care centers using latest technology.

3. To carry on the business of makers and dealers in surgical and non surgical instruments appliances and other aids of defect of body or sight or hearing and to make and deal in all requisites for hospitals and patients. To deal in all requisites, supplies, stores, apparatus, gadgets for laboratories of sciences and technology, industrial or commercial organizations, hospitals.

4. To establish, maintain and operate accommodation for the treatment and care of persons who by reason of any sickness, disease, disability, deformity, incapability, accident or otherwise are in need to the same and also to provide for proper medical attendance, nursing, food, medicine and drugs and appliances of a chemical, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dietetic, sanitary, hotel, guest house, medical tourism.

5. To promote, organize, arrange and hold medical seminars and conferences, exhibitions, lectures, slide shows and other assemblies and to arrange for exchange programmers for doctors, nurses, medical students, Para-medical and administrative staff and to provide for training or work for the prevention of disability, sports and recreational opportunities for disable people and advocacy and networking on disability issues focusing on equalization of opportunities for disabled people through the removal of physical and social barriers.

6. To carry on the service and business of buyer, seller, trader, merchant, manufacturer, agent, broker, training center, media, medical enabled services, medical consultancy, importers, exporters, dealers, marketer, distributors, indent and deal of all sorts of all type of medical machineries and equipment, surgical and non surgical, medicine and equipments, supplementary foods, machineries and equipment’s, spares and all other mechanical, technical and non-technical items and appliances, parts and components required directly or indirectly for medical related service, set up, establish, promote, develop, manage and smooth running of hospital and health care service and to promote its production, service, storing, marketing, selling and purposes both at home and abroad.

7. To carry on the business of pharmaceutical, chemists and druggists storing and dealing in all kind of local and foreign medicine, health related and varieties of medicinal preparations, chemicals, reagents, kits and other items connected usually with the health acre of human beings.